July 28, 2023
Fortress Obetz
2022 Community Cup FAQ

Throughout the past year, we’ve seen the undeniable impact that teamwork can have on our community. When faced with uncertainty, we’re proud of the way Columbus has remained optimistic and continued to Live Forward.

As our team planned for the 2022 Community Cup, presented by The Columbus Foundation, we kept this teamwork in mind. Each year, The Community Cup brings the community together, building camaraderie and improving morale. We can’t think of a better time to hold a safe, fun and impactful in-person event.

As the sports and events landscape continues to adapt, we will prioritize the health and safety of participants, staff and volunteers. Our dedicated staff will continue to work in accordance with federal, state and local health mandates to ensure that the event day provides a competitive, yet safe, environment for all.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the event:

Q: How will it work?

A: The Community Cup will begin with Opening Ceremonies on Friday, July 29, at Fortress Obetz. Teams will then compete against other Central Ohio organizations at each of the 14 events throughout the day. Closing Ceremonies and the Awards Presentation will take place once all events have concluded.

Check the Team Resources page for information on the Tailgate Zone and other areas where your team can safely recharge and refuel for the competition.

*Schedule is subject to change

Q: When is the deadline to register a team?

A: The deadline to register your company or organization as a team is extended to Friday, July 8. This allows enough time for your team to participate in the Charity Challenge before it ends on July 15 and prep for the big day on July 29!

Q: When is the deadline to register your athletes?

A: The athletes are all of your full-time and part-time staff, colleagues and coworkers! The deadline to register your athletes online is Wednesday, July 27.

The Athlete Registration is the waiver to participate in the Community Cup and every participant is required to individually register and sign the waiver. If your athletes register online by July 27, their names will be on your team list at Athlete Check-in. We will have onsite registration at Athlete Check-in, but registering online makes the check-in process faster!

The Athlete Registration covers registration for all events except the 5K Race. The 5K Race presented by LAZ Parking is a separate registration because it includes race bibs and timing chips.

Q: What is the minimum number of team participants required for in-person events?

A: Most events require a minimum of four (4) participants. The same four team members can participate in ALL events. Dodgeball requires a minimum of six (6) participants and Tug of War requires a minimum of eight (8) participants. The 5K Race and One-mile Walk has unlimited participation.

Q: Is there a maximum number of athletes a team can have?

A: No, there is no maximum to the number of athletes your company can have! However, a team can only earn points once per event. For example, Team Sports Commission can only have one team of four participate in golf chipping. Once Team Sports Commission earns their score for golf chipping, they have completed that event. Team Sports Commission cannot have two teams of four participate in golf chipping and have the best score be added to the team score.

Q: Can my team participate in events with less than the minimum?

A: Yes, but we encourage you to recruit as many as you can to meet the minimum! For example, if you only have two athletes that can participate in golf chipping, our event staff will give you extra turns to create an average score for your team.

Q: Is there a maximum number of events one athlete can participate in?

A: No, an athlete can participate in as many events as they want. However, it will be challenging for one athlete to participate in all of the events because of the scheduled tournaments (dodgeball and tug-of-war). We encourage teams to get as many coworkers and colleagues involved as they can!

Q: Can family members and friends participate in The Community Cup?

A: Friends and family are welcome to participate in the 5K Race and One-mile Walk while you compete! Please note, only employees from your organization can score points in any event so family and friends will not receive a 5K Race bib and will not count toward your total participants in the One-mile Walk. There is no minimum age for either event and strollers are allowed.

Family and friends may participate in the drop-in events ONLY if they are open and there are no other teams trying to earn points. If a team comes to a drop-in event, family and friends will have to yield to a participating team.

Dodgeball and Tug-of-War are for company employees only.

Each participant will have to sign a waiver to participate in any event. You can  find the Friends and Family Registration on the Athlete Registration page at the bottom.

Q: How will Athlete Check-in work?

A: Each participant is required to sign the waiver online under Athlete Registration or onsite. Once you have checked in at the Athlete Check-in tent or you have signed the waiver, you will receive a wristband to participate. Team Captains can email cup@columbussports.org for a list of athletes that have registered on their team.

Q: What can I wear during the 5K Race?

A: Participants are allowed to wear weather appropriate apparel for the 5K Race. After the 5K Race, participants are required to wear the team uniform.

Q: Where can I receive my 5K Race bib?

A: The 2022 5K Race registration is not open yet. Once registration is open, you can register and we will share details on how to pick-up your bib.

Q: Will there be scoring for the 2022 event?

A: Yes! Scoring by event is detailed in the 2022 Community Cup Handbook (coming soon!) and winners will still be announced for each division. Divisions are determined by company size.

Q: How will the Charity Challenge work in 2022?

A: From June 1-July 15, participating teams can earn extra Community Cup points through their charitable donations to selected non-profits like The Columbus Foundation. Stay tuned for more details about how your team can get involved. 

Q: What safety requirements will be in effect at Community Cup?

A: To keep our staff and participants safe, we are committed to following state and local guidelines for public safety.  We’re continuing to add to our robust safety plan that includes details on:

  • Hand sanitizer: Every event station will have hand sanitizer, and participants are encouraged to use it at each event.
  • Hydration stations: There will not be shared hydration stations, so please bring your own water bottle.
  • Self-assessment: Our staff asks participants to self-assess daily for COVID-19 symptoms and please stay home if they are feeling sick.

*All safety measures are subject to change.

Q: Will there be restrooms on–site?

A: Yes. Restrooms will be accessible inside the stadium at Fortress Obetz.

Q: If I have a question that is not answered above or in the handbook, who can I contact?

A: You can email our team at cup@columbussports.org.