July 29, 2022
Fortress Obetz
Team Resources

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step and signed-up for The Community Cup. Now it’s time to assemble your team. Whether it’s your first time competing or you’re coming back for round two, we want to ensure you are equipped with everything you need to know in order to successfully claim the Cup!

Getting to the Community Cup

Please follow GPS directions to 4175 Alum Creek Drive, Obetz, Ohio 43207. Signage will direct you to parking at Fortress Obetz.

2021 Team Handbook

Once your team is signed up and your participant registration is completed, review the Team Handbook to learn event rules, safety regulations, event schedule and more important participant information.

2021 Event Maps

Get prepared for event day by taking a look at the 2021 Community Cup event maps:

2021 T-Shirt Contest

Community Cup teams are required to wear a team t-shirt on event day, and The Community Cup logo must be included on all t-shirt designs. Click the links below to download Community Cup logo options.

Full-color: EPS logo, PDF logo
One-color (white): EPS logo

On event day, our panel of judges will score every team t-shirt an announce a winner from each division. The winning teams will receive 25 points and a prize! Preferred t-shirt vendors include:

2021 Tailgate Zone

The Tailgate Zone will be your team’s headquarters to relax and recharge on event day. Each Community Cup team will be provided a 10×10 tent, a table and two folding chairs (please note that sponsor teams will receive a 10×20 tent). Teams are also welcome to bring additional chairs and tables to make the space their own!

Teams may also bring a company branded tent in place of the provided tent – please email Erica Williams, ewilliams@columbussports.org if your team plans to bring your own tent.

To order 1-3 pages of ice for your team tent, please email Erica Williams, ewilliams@columbussports.org. Please note that the venue can only offer a maximum of three bags of ice, and teams are responsible for additional ice needs. Teams are responsible for bringing their own coolers.

Teams will be able to order Giant Eagle food and beverage catering to be delivered directly to their Community Cup tent! Teams can view the catering menu below and send orders to kingsdalecatering@gianteagle.com or 614-538-0783. Deadline to order is Monday, July 26. Giant Eagle Catering will be delivered between 7:45-8 a.m. and 11-11:15 a.m. at your team tent.