June 7-10, 2021
Lou Berliner
Athletic Complex
Camp Leaders and Instructors

The Columbus Community Youth Camp will be led by Camp Leaders, who mentor and oversee each camper’s experience, and Instructors, who teach each sport or life concept.

Become a Camp Leader

Camp Leader positions are open to Central Ohio high schoolers looking to gain leadership experience and volunteer opportunities. Camp Leaders must be 15 or older and will receive lunch and camp T-shirts to be worn each day.

As a Camp Leader, you will:

  • Help young campers learn a variety of sports and fitness activities
  • Work with other camp leaders to be a positive role models for the young campers, demonstrating life lessons such as respect, goal setting, determination and leadership
  • Develop leadership skills and receive community service hours
  • Benefit from meeting other community members and Camp Leaders

Want to Be a Camp Leader?

Click here to apply to be a Camp Leader or Junior Camp Leader.

Not old enough to be a Camp Leader, but still want to learn? Junior Camp Leader positions are available for those ages 13-14 to support Camp Leaders and prepare to be a Camp Leader in future years.

Camp Instructors

Camp Instructors are individuals recruited citywide to teach sports or life concepts at the Columbus Community Youth Camp. Each sport will have a man and woman as Instructors. Many Instructors are former collegiate athletes who still coach, lead or live in the Columbus community.