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Community Cup: July 28, 2023 • Fortress Obetz

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Charity Challenge

We believe that team building includes giving back to the community where you live, work, and play. That’s why The Community Cup has the Charity Challenge!

Give Back

Teams in The Community Cup have three opportunities to give back to their community. The Columbus Foundation, Mid-Ohio Food Collective, and ROX have partnered with us as recipients of Charity Challenge fundraising and donations. From June 1 - July 15, Community Cup teams can earn points through their charitable donations.

How to Donate and Earn Points

Teams can earn a maximum of 200 points towards their total by donating to two or more charities. To encourage equal donations, a maximum of 100 points to each charity will be counted. You cannot earn additional points by donating to all three.

Email Receipt: (to earn points)

The Columbus Foundation

Teams may give to The Columbus Foundation’s Gifts of Kindness Fund to earn 100 points. The Gifts of Kindness Fund is a community-focused fund helping central Ohio individuals and families with emergency needs.

Donate Directly: Fund Directory Listing | The Columbus Foundation

Each $10 dollar donation is worth one (1) point.

Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Teams may collect products from MOFC’s Most Needed Items list and donate these for Team members from the Greater Columbus Sports commission will give collection boxes to teams’ offices and will then transport items donated to the MOFC. For those working remotely, items may be taken to the MOFC where a receipt will be given to verify the pounds of food donated. For a box to be delivered to your office, please email

Donate Directly: MOFC’s Community Cup Donations
(Click on your team’s name to earn 100 points)

Each $10 dollar donation is worth one (1) point.
Every (1) pound of donated items is worth (1) point.

Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX)

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Title IX by supporting girls in sports! Teams may give to ROX to earn up to 100 points. Support from the Charity Challenge will be directed to support ROX’s work focused on supporting the social, emotional and mental health needs of female athletes in grades 5-12.

Donate Directly: ROX

Each $10 dollar donation is worth one (1) point.