July 30, 2021
Fortress Obetz
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You Play. You Conquer. You Claim the Cup.

Each year, The Community Cup brings the community together, building camaraderie and improving morale. We can’t think of a better time to hold a safe, fun and impactful in-person event.

The 2021 Community Cup will be held at Fortress Obetz on Friday, July 30, with participant safety as top priority.

As the sports and events landscape continues to adapt, we will prioritize the health and safety of participants, staff and volunteers. Our dedicated staff will continue to work in accordance with federal, state and local health mandates to ensure that the event day provides a competitive, yet safe, environment for all. Learn more on our FAQ page.

How does registration work?

When your organization registers for The Community Cup, you will be placed into divisions depending on the number of employees in your Columbus Region offices.

  • Division I (1001+ employees) $2,500
  • Division II (301-1000 employees) $2,200
  • Division III (101-300 employees) $1,800
  • Division IV (under 100 employees*) $1,500

*Two companies with under 50 employees each may create a team and be recognized as one entry 

Ready to compete?

Step One: Sign up your team!

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Step Two: Once your team registers, each team member that plans on competing in an event must sign up as a participant.

Complete Your Participant Registration

Step Three: All runners in the 5K Race event must complete their race registration, so we can be ready with your bib and track your finish!

Register Now for the 5K Race

Step Four: Start training! We’ll see you on July 30 at Fortress Obetz.